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Ask an Expert: Seasonal Pet Allergy Symptoms

Q: Do pets get similar seasonal allergy symptoms as humans?

A: Yes and no. Depending on the cause of the allergy, there may be an overlap in signs noticed.

While the most common symptoms of environmental allergy in dogs and cats are itchiness on skin and ears followed by infections, this is not as common in humans.

Similar to humans, some dogs can get eye infections and respiratory discomfort from allergies, but this may be more common in cats. Cats get more inhalant allergies similar to people, whereas dogs get epicutaneous (through the skin) exposure to allergens, which explains the difference in signs.




Dr. Jangi Bajwa is a Board certified veterinary dermatologist at VetDERM Clinic in Surrey BC. He is also the dermatology feature editor for Canadian Veterinary Journal. Dr. Bajwa’s special interests include otitis and allergic disease in pets; as well as helping improve quality of life of pets and their families.