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Referral Process

We believe in a team-focused approach to veterinary medicine. Working with referring veterinarians helps our pet dermatology clinic maintain patient care standards and provide client service. While we work on dermatologic and allergy concerns for our patients, we expect that routine veterinary services (health check-ups, vaccinations, etc.) will continue to be provided through the primary veterinarian.

Intradermal Allergy Testing (IDAT)

Intradermal allergy testing is recognized by most veterinary dermatologists as the most accurate means of identifying relevant allergens in the canine patient. Dr. Bajwa has had significant success utilizing intradermal allergy testing to help treat non-flea, non-food allergic dermatitis (or, environmental allergies) in cats. Approximately 60 of the most common allergens specific to our local environment are assessed during intradermal testing.

For veterinarians - intradermal allergy testing services from VetDERM Clinic
For veterinarians: allergen specific immunotherapy from VetDERM Clinic

Allergen Specific Immunotherapy (ASIT)

Allergen avoidance is the gold standard treatment for allergies. This option should always be pursued when possible but is not always practical. Allergen specific immunotherapy may be formulated as daily oral drops, or as less frequent subcutaneous injections. The mode of immunotherapy administration (oral versus injectable) is selected in consultation with the pet owner.

Video-otoscopy for Ear Care

The easy access and superior visualization afforded by our Storz Video-otoscope unit increases the likelihood of identifying the underlying problem, or deeper complications such as ruptured tympanic membranes, otitis media, and inflammatory polyps. Video-otoscopy allows for the pet owner to visualize both normal and abnormal structures of the ear canal, during a consultation.

For veterinarians: video-otoscopy for pet ear care from VetDERM Clinic

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