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Online Consultations

Consult online with Dr. Jangi Bajwa, board certified skin and ear specialist for pets, via video or phone.

Telemedicine for Pets With Skin & Ear Conditions is Now Available!

(Only for BC Residents)

VetDERM Clinic is dedicated to providing continued guidance and support for dermatological and ear care for pets. Our online consultations will help you and your family in several ways, including determining your pet’s level of itchiness, how best to control your pet’s itch for comfort, options to prevent ongoing discomfort, and dietary advice. Our veterinary dermatologist can also help you understand the cause as well as severity of your pet’s ear and skin conditions, including treatment options to manage the condition at home until an in-person evaluation can be performed.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Online Consultation

In order to ensure your pet receives the best possible care, several documents are required on your part to submit to us before your dermatology telemedicine session can take place. Great detail and a thorough examination of your pet’s case is essential in determining the cause of your and your pet’s concerns, including itch, discomfort, hair loss, ear infections, etc. We can then determine how best we can treat and manage the concerns together.

The more details you can provide to us prior to your online vet appointment, the more successful the outcome will be for your pet’s health in the long term!

Please call us for pricing details

How It Works

It’s very easy to use our new telemedicine service. Simply follow the instructions below!

1. Connect with our receptionist by phone or email.

2. Fill out the forms as needed. Click here to access these forms.

3. Send all documents, pictures, and information required.

4. Send pre-payment of your consult’s fee via e-transfer.

5. Book in a date and time for your appointment with our reception team.

6. A Zoom invite and/or appointment confirmation will be sent to you via email.

7. For phone based consultations we will call your preferred number at the time of the appointment.

8. Communicate with your pet dermatologist. We look forward to seeing you at the scheduled time!

9. A written report will be sent to you and your family vet (only upon your approval) following the appointment within 5 business days.


All new clients will need to send us the following forms prior to their initial online consultation.

Welcome Registration Form for Telemedicine

Informed Client Consent Form for Telemedicine

Initial Consultation Questionnaire – Canine or

Initial Consultation Questionnaire – Feline

Dietary History Questionnaire

Quality of life Questionnaire

Follow-Up Questionnaire

These documents as well as any additional forms and information needed for your online consult can be found on our Pet Owner Forms page.

Please note:

  • Telemedicine consultations have inherent limitations and depending on the nature of the animal’s condition, it may not be possible to proceed with treatment and/or diagnostic decisions without an in-person visit.
  • The veterinarian may only provide advice via telemedicine consultation that is possible without a physical exam.
  • There are inherent privacy and security risks involved in accessing veterinary care via telemedicine consultations.
  • In rare instances security protocols could fail, causing a breach of personal or medical information.
  • In rare cases the lack of access to complete medical records may result in adverse drug interactions or allergic reactions or judgment errors.

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