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Preparing For Your Follow-Up Consult

A follow-up consultation with your veterinary dermatologist will help provide your pet with continued skin and ear care. Based on your pet’s progress since the initial or previous follow-up evaluation, further recommendations regarding long-term care for your pet are vital in achieving continued improvements in your pet’s health.

Many dermatological conditions are managed throughout a patient’s life, making follow-up dermatology visits essential. You can help immensely during the follow-up process by providing us with relevant information regarding your pet’s latest dermatologic, medical, and dietary history.

Following are some tips on preparing to get the most out of your follow-up appointment.

:: Please complete the follow-up patient information form and submit prior to your visit.

This will provide our team with the ability to be familiar with your pets’ history since your previous appointment. You may submit this form online, or you may print, complete, and fax or e-mail it to our clinic.

:: Please fill out the Allergy Monitoring Sheet prior to your follow-up appointment; the sheet is available in both PDF and Word . This will help our dermatology team identify any patterns of symptoms or need for changes in treatments and recommendations. This form can be used to track patient progress for allergies as well as non-allergic conditions. Bring this sheet with you or you may email it to us ahead of your scheduled appointment.

:: Additional feedback may be provided using the following forms (or by simply including this information in the Allergy Monitoring Sheet):

:: Please bring your pet fasted overnight. Food and treats are to be withheld after the previous day’s dinnertime meal. It is okay to offer water to your pet before the visit.

:: Please continue or stop topical and/or oral medications as advised during your previous appointment. Some treatments may need to be discontinued a few days prior to the follow-up appointment based on our dermatologist’s recommendation. If you have any questions about stopping or continuing your pet’s medications, please call or e-mail before the appointment so that our team can ensure your pet is ready and prepared for the appointment.

:: Please arrive about 10 minutes before the scheduled time of your appointment.

We look forward to continuing to assist your pet and family with individualized pet care with regards to any and all ear, dermatologic, and allergic concerns.

In consideration of other clients, their pets, and your vet dermatologist, please allow at least 48 hours’ notice to change or cancel appointments.

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