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Company Overview

VetDERM Clinic is a specialized dermatology, ear, and allergy clinic for small animals (cats and dogs). Professional care for pets is the cornerstone of our service. We work on weekdays and offer a good work-life balance to our team members. We strive for confident, efficient individuals who are eager to do their best at work and take pride in a job well done.

Open Positions: 2

We are currently seeking a 
Veterinary Dermatologist.

We are currently seeking a
full-time registered veterinary technician (RVT).

Why Pet Dermatology?

Allergies, skin problems, and ear problems are some of the most common reasons for pet owners to visit a veterinary office. More often than not it is a challenge to diagnose and treat itchy animals properly given how many allergen triggers exist, and dermatology requires great compassion in addition to a strong eye for detail and knowledge. Every dog and cat is different and no pet’s diagnosis is exactly like the previous one. In the event that a primary care veterinarian needs to treat an ear, skin, or allergy problem that is complicated or challenging, we can lend them a helping hand and ensure ideal pet care in association with family veterinarians. We offer services in multiple areas to help pet owners receive easier access to specialized dermatology, ear, and skin care.

Does the Following Apply to You?

  1. You love working with animals
  2. You enjoy building relationships with pets’ owners
  3. You desire a good work-life balance
  4. You are always eager to learn new techniques and practices in veterinary care
  5. You want to get some real hands-on work in helping pets live a more comfortable life
  6. You want to know learn more about how to help itchy and uncomfortable pets

If you answered yes to more than one of the above, then veterinary dermatology is the career for you.

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