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What is Phovia therapy?

Phovia is a topical therapy that is performed by applying a special gel with chromophores to affected skin, followed by exposure to a potent blue light souce with Phovia LED lamp for 2 minutes. The chromophores get activated by the blue light and release fluorescent light energy at multiple wavelengths. These wavelengths reach different layers of the skin to support the skin’s own regeneration mechanisms, which help promote a faster skin healing. Sessions are performed once or twice a week, with duration of treatment to be individually assessed based on a pet’s condition and progress.

This treatment does not require sedation and is usually well tolerated by pets.


Why use Phovia?

Phovia therapy, also known as photobiomodulation therapy, delivers a broad spectrum of visible light to all layers of skin to promote skin healing, helping to reduce skin regeneration time by up to 50 % when used with antibiotics. It can be performed for a faster resolution of skin lesions, along with antimicrobial treatments, in cases of skin infection that take a long time to resolve, like with deep pyoderma (skin infection that is present in deep layers of skin) or canine interdigital furunculosis (deep skin infection affecting the paws).

Should my pet receive Phovia therapy?

Pets with chronic skin lesions due to infection, or with deep skin infection with a long estimated time for resolution, are potential candidates and may benefit from Phovia therapy. Schedule a consult with our veterinary dermatologist for assessment to see if Phovia therapy is right for your pet.

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