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Ear Care for Pets

Ear problems and infections are some of the most commonly observed pet health problems in the veterinary clinic. Head shaking and/or scratching at the ears are the most common symptoms of discomfort that requires specialized ear treatment for dogs and cats.

Minimal ear care is usually needed for healthy pets. When noticed, an ear problem in pets is usually an indication of an underlying primary problem such as skin allergies, ear mites, and thyroid problems to name a few. Less commonly, a foreign body or a mass in the ear canal may lead to discomfort. Almost always, ear problems will result in a secondary ear infection, which needs to be adequately resolved in order to free your pet of the discomfort and itchiness associated with an ear infection.   If it appears that an ear infection is coming back repeatedly, or is not resolved with initial treatment, it is important to know that chronic, recurrent ear infections can lead to middle ear infections, in addition to ongoing discomfort. Ear care is a very specialized part of veterinary medicine, which falls under the care of a veterinary dermatologist. If your pet has been dealing with a chronic, persistent or recurrent ear infection, it is likely time to meet with a veterinary dermatologist with a strong interest in ear treatment for dogs and cats.

With expertize and a keen interest in tackling ear disease in pets, along with the availability of ear care equipment including Video-otoscopy, deep ear cleaning and irrigation system, and in-clinic diagnostic tools, the dermatology team at VetDERM Clinic is a source to consider for your pet’s ear care needs. Remember, it is best to diagnose the cause of the ear infection early and treat it accurately.

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