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Canine Pododermatitis: Causes and Work Up

VetDERM Clinic - Canine Pododermatitis: Causes and Work Up - Pododermatitis as part of generalized cutaneous lesions due to dermatophytosis

Patients affected by canine pododermatitis are presented commonly in clinical small animal practice. The condition may be present on a single claw, a single paw, or multiple paws. While the condition may affect the paw(s) only, it may be accompanied by additional cutaneous symptoms at other sites, depending on the underlying cause. Pododermatitis is defined […]

Flea Bite Pet Allergies & What to be Aware of

Flea Bite Pet Allergies & What to be Aware of | VetDERM Clinic

Fleas are a well-known skin parasite that can affect the well-being of our furry companions. Depending on the geographic location, fleas may be a seasonal problem, a non-seasonal problem, or they may not be a problem at all. In the Vancouver and Victoria areas, fleas cause infestations, allergies, and discomfort to cats and dogs year-round […]

What are the Signs of Itchiness in Dogs?

What Are The Signs Of Itchiness In Dogs? | VetDERM Clinic

Itchiness (also called pruritus) is the sensation that induces an animal or human to itch itself locally or over large areas of the skin. It can be caused by various ailments including underlying allergies, skin infection by bacteria or yeast, as well as due to sudden trauma such as an insect bite. Itchiness in dogs […]