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Video-otoscopy for Ear Care

Diagnostic otoscopy is an important tool in diagnosis and treatment of pet ear infection. Disorders of the external ear are common in dogs and cats. The easy access and superior visualization afforded by our Storz Video-otoscope unit increases the likelihood of identifying the underlying problem, or deeper complications such as ruptured tympanic membranes, otitis media, and inflammatory polyps.

Video-otoscopy allows for the pet owner to visualize both normal and abnormal structures of the ear canal, during a consultation. Visualization of the problem helps the pet owner gain a better understanding of the disease process, and thus improves treatment and follow-up compliance. Documentation of examination findings as images, during dermatologic consultations also helps the primary veterinarian better understand the extent of a patients’ ear condition.

Specialized otic procedures are provided utilizing video-otoscopy. Such procedures include deep ear cleanings for treatment of severe pet ear infection (pseudomonas bacterial or Malassezia otitis), or for removal of a ceruminolith. Removal of inflammatory polyps or ear tumors, myringotomy, and middle ear flushing for treatment of otitis media, or treatment of primary secretory otitis media (PSOM) of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are also pursued utilizing improved visualization of the deep ear.

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