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Preparing For Your First Consultation

Our aim during each consultation with your vet dermatologist is to provide you and your pet with the utmost care and attention to detail. Such personalized attention and a good understanding of your concerns and the pets’ medical history is key to resolving the problems affecting your pet.

You can help us significantly in this process by providing us with relevant information regarding your pets’ dermatologic, medical, and dietary history. Following are some tips on preparing to get the most out of your appointment:

::  Please complete the patient information form relevant to your pets’ species and submit prior to your visit.

Initial Consultation Questionnaire – Feline

Initial Consultation Questionnaire – Canine

This provides our team with an opportunity to be familiar with your pets’ history prior to the appointment. You may submit these forms online, or may print, complete and fax or e-mail to   our clinic.

::  Please provide us with comprehensive information on your pets’ dietary history as well as the current dietary ingredients. To share your pets’ history, please fill the   Dietary History Questionnaire    form prior to your appointment. You may also take pictures of the ingredients list on the packaging of treats and food offered to your pet, in order to submit them.

::  Please fill the   Quality of Life Questionnaire   prior to your visit in order for our team to evaluate how the skin condition is affecting your pet and the family.

::  If your pet is an intact female (not spayed), please inform our staff regarding the most recent heat cycle or if she may be pregnant.

::  Please do not bathe your pet for 5-7 days prior to the consultation.

::  Please bring your pet fasted overnight. Food and treats are to be withheld after the previous day’s dinnertime meal. It is okay to offer water to your pet before the visit.

::  Please bring with you all medications and shampoos that your pet is currently on or has been on in the last year. This includes pills, topical creams, ointments, lotions, eye drops, ear medications, medicated sprays, medicated shampoos, etc.

::  Please arrive about 10 minutes early to fill out some in-clinic paperwork, prior to your appointment.

We look forward to assisting you and your family with professional, compassionate, and individualized pet care with regards to dermatologic and allergic concerns.

In consideration of other clients, their pets, and your vet dermatologist, please allow at least 48 hours notice to change or cancel appointments.

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