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Pets Have Allergies Too

Pets Have Allergies Too | VetDERM Clinic

We have sprung into allergy season early this year. While the sun is much appreciated, the watery eyes, itchy skin and sniffling nose of allergy symptoms are not. Both cats and dogs are affected by environmental allergies as well; and the symptoms may vary not just by species, but also by individuals. Respiratory signs of […]

How do you Know if Your Cat Has an Ear Problem?

How Do You Know If Your Cat Has an Ear Problem? | VetDERM Clinic

Like humans, cats can get ear problems which are extremely irritating and painful and should be diagnosed and treated right away. By providing routine care of your feline’s ears and managing the underlying issue, you can help prevent the problem from returning. If your cat has parasites, allergies, or a weak immune system, they are […]