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Fear Free methods are utilized for all patients at VETDERM Clinic in order to help alleviate and prevent escalation of fear, anxiety, and stress. Skin sampling alone can cause discomfort in allergic pets and is an incredibly common procedure at VETDERM Clinic along with ear flushes, injections, blood collections, and more. By using Fear Free practices we strive to make a positive impact on both the physical and emotional wellbeing of our patients and clients.

Why use Fear Free in dermatology?

It is important to use Fear Free practices throughout all aspects of veterinary medicine but we believe especially within the dermatology environment. Many dermatologic conditions mean long term or lifelong therapy by pet owners and with the help of veterinary professionals. Also as part of dermatology care, recurrent follow ups in clinic are necessary in order to diagnose certain conditions through a process of elimination and to continue to manage chronic skin and ear disease. Without using Fear Free practices these visits as well as treatments at home can become increasingly more difficult for pets, pet parents, and veterinary staff. The escalation of patient fear, anxiety, and stress may lead us to having to perform sedated examinations and a decreased ability to provide the best medical care, which then negatively impacts client compliance, trust, and satisfaction. 

Our Approach at VETDERM Clinic

At VETDERM Clinic, we provide support on how to mindfully desensitize and positively counter condition treatments to help prevent escalation of therapy difficulty. We have found that Fear Free practices along with the use of appropriate anti anxiety medication, help prevent therapy problems and in pet’s where there are already significant treatment aversions, we are utilizing successful training techniques like counter conditioning and desensitization to help our patients become more comfortable and our clients more confident with treatments.  

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