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Ask an Expert: Pets with Seasonal Allergies | VetDERM Clinic

Ask an Expert: Pets with Seasonal Allergies


Question by Monika: Can anything be done to help pets with seasonal allergies?

Answer by Dr. Jangi Bajwa: Cats and dogs are both affected by seasonal allergies. Currently, a lot of pets are being affected by spring allergy flare-ups; thankfully, a number of treatment options exist.

The only treatment known to stop the progression of allergies is desensitization immunotherapy (or allergy shots). It is also the most natural treatment for pets with seasonal allergies. Other treatment options include steroids, immunosuppressive medication, dietary recommendations, and repairing a patients’ skin barrier.

Often, a combination of these approaches may be needed to bring relief for an allergic pet. Antihistamines do not work as well for pets as they do for humans with allergies.

Dr. Jangi Bajwa
Veterinary Dermatologist
VetDERM Clinic




Dr. Jangi Bajwa is a Board certified veterinary dermatologist at VetDERM Clinic in Surrey BC. He is also the dermatology feature editor for Canadian Veterinary Journal. Dr. Bajwa’s special interests include otitis and allergic disease in pets; as well as helping improve quality of life of pets and their families.


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